“Life will never be the same.” – Anthony Robbins


“Ultimately, I want to help individuals be more productive by utilizing their natural talents and gifts. Once they are able to do this, they will be able to live a fulfilled life that not only fills them with joy but will impact everyone around them.”

-Vimari Roman

Vimari Roman is a Certified Coach who helps individuals achieve their peak potential and live a fulfilled life by utilizing their natural gifts and talents (also known as strengths). Vimari has always loved working with people and has a natural gift for recognizing other people’s strengths and talents. It was the road to leadership, entrepreneurship, hardships and faith that let Vimari to becoming a professional coach in 2014.

She was born in Miami, Florida to Puerto Rican parents. Her father worked in the Hospitality Industry, and as a child Vimari and her family moved around quite a bit. She lived in Puerto Rico for the first ten years of her life, then moved back and fourths from Miami to Pennsylvania and New York. She jokes that she attended twelve different schools, in twelve years, and attributes that experience, along with her career in Hospitality to strengthening her natural gifts of connecting quickly with others, and being able to adapt to their individualities.

Vimari is a natural born leader and has always been very independent, self-confident, and goal oriented. These are qualities her parents remember seeing from the time she was a young child to later when she started her career in Hospitality at a very young age in New York City.

Vimari moved back to Miami in 1999 and currently lives in the Village of El Portal with her husband Nariman, and Shadow their Chocolate Labrador. She moved to El Portal in 2004 and is happy to finally live in a City long enough to call it home.

Vimari is innovative and has been admired in the Hospitality and Meetings Industry due to her widely diverse background, leadership and experience in sales, strategic planning, process optimization, strategic account management and organizational development. For over twenty years she enjoyed a very successful career in Hospitality.

The road to her Coaching career started in 2012 when Vimari’s life took a complete shift and she was forced out of her comfort zone. Within less than a year, she lost her job, ended her eight year marriage and started a company. The job ending initially was of a relief for her because for the first time in her career she was at a place where her values did not align with the culture. Vimari was very happy to part ways from her job with some financial stability but after a couple of weeks when she found herself for the first time in her career without a job and not having the motivation to put herself back in the market, she became a bit insecure and began having some self-doubt. Luckily or as she would call it “Godinsidance”, that self-doubt did not last long after she was given the opportunity to work with someone who was referred to her by a longtime client. Vimari took that opportunity and decided to give the road to entrepreneurship a try. In 2013, she earned her Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM) and founded Be Productive Meetings & Event’s as an independent meeting planner. Shortly after going on her own, Vimari attended Tony Robbin’s “Unleash the Power Within” and it was then she recognized that although she loved having her meeting planning business, there was something missing. After some soul searching, research and hiring a Coach, in early 2014 Vimari became a certified Strategic & Intervention Leadership Coach.

As a manager and leader, Vimari has always had a passion for training and mentoring individuals which is what made her successful throughout her career in the corporate world. Her ability to identify individuals “strengths” is what has helped her lead her team’s to be more productive in reaching their peak potential and goals. Today, Vimari coaches many individuals from various backgrounds, with many different needs. Her captivating personality, experience and dedication is admired and has helped her make a difference in the lives of many.

On a personal level Vimari believes in not only working hard and utilizing her talents but also in giving back. She has been very involved in different associations and Boards as well as her community, and in November 2016 she was elected on to the Council of the Village of El Portal. In addition to her career and volunteer work, Vimari also believes in having somewhat of a life balance. Family and friendships are her core and very important to her, and this is how she spends much of her “off” time. She is a lover of the arts, music and food. She also enjoys working out, yoga, reading and on Sunday morning’s she is a lector at St. Martha’s Catholic Church.

Vimari’s motto is to everyday do something to become a better version of herself, and she believes that by doing exactly that she can also help others become a better version of themselves.

Vimari would love to talk to you and is available for complimentary discovery consultations. She can be contacted at 786-340-3174 or via email at vimari@beproductivecoaching.com.

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