• Vimari is an exceptional coach. I've enjoyed working with her, she truly cares about her clients and always follows up with her clients' successes.

    Lauren Panos
  • My weekend in Ft. Lauderdale was really inspiring and rejuvenating. I came home to more challenges, but have also instituted some changes. Our session, including the dancing, was just what I needed.

    Shawna F.
  • Vimari Roman asked me all the right questions to get me to start thinking about my best qualities and was able to inspire me to never sell myself short.

    Kayla Delacerda
  • Working with Vimari helped me get my thoughts organized. She helped me develop goals and an action plan and her follow up made me accountable to working to achieve the goals we established. I was able to make the changes needed to my business because of her coaching.

  • Vimari helped me make behavioral changes that I needed for growth by having open, reflective conversations about my past, helping me to dissolve my limitations which strengthened my self-confidence and assertiveness, and enhanced my presentation and networking skills, while settling into the more of a "Sales Role" in my new company.

    Carlos Valdes
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