Why Your Outcome Is The Result Of Your Investment

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I received a call yesterday from a new prospective client who found me on Craigslist….yes, Craigslist. It turns out that as I was exploring ways of getting new clients earlier this year and I happen to be selling something old on Craigslist when the thought came to me to place a $5 AD focusing on my Resume Writing and Interview Coaching services.

Why you may ask?

Well, I realized that not everyone understands what “Coaching” is and how it can benefit them but everyone does need a resume (not to mention most resumes are horrific – but I’ll leave that for another post), and I figured there could be a chance that people may look for this service on Craigslist. It turns out that I was right.

After a few minutes of speaking to my new prospective client yesterday, he asked how much it would be for me to write his resume and although my pricing is clearly noted on the AD, I gave him the quote. He immediately responded that my quote was higher than what he had hoped to “spend” but that he would have to end up spending it because he was in desperate need for a resume as he needed to apply for a new position the next day. I explained that he was not “spending” he was “investing” and I agreed that I could certainly meet his deadline and would not charge extra for that.

When I asked if he already had an existing resume that he can send me he confessed that he recently spent $60 on someone with an HR background to do his resume but when he looked at it the day before and printed it he realized what a crappy job that person had done (why he didn’t go back to get his money or revise it is another story). Before I could speak the words he took them right out of my mouth and said “I guess you get what you pay for”. I could not help smile and reply “exactly”. I went on explaining that is the exact reason why the AD he read on Craigslist says “Don’t forget…you get what you pay for!”

Turns out my new client’s resume is actually costing him and upward of $259 because he didn’t want to invest in the first place. Why an upward? Because time is money. The time he spent going on Craigslist to find a new service provider, the time that he took to call me, the time he took to speak to me, the time he took to email me his current resume and then the time he took to answer my questions all have value. The question is…how much is his time worth? How much is YOUR time worth?

I don’t say all this trying to be conceited…I say that because as someone that has been a “service provider” for the last 6 years, I’ve come to realize that time is indeed money, I have to have price integrity and I have to be confident about the service that I provide. Now don’t think I always thought like this. It’s actually taken me sometime to feel confident about what I charge and quite honestly, I still think I am under-priced for what I offer but what gives me satisfaction is that I know that I provide an excellent value and service, and that my clients not only have great outcomes but they feel great once we have worked together.

My clients get outcomes because I am living my purpose, I am passionate about what I do and because I consistently go above and beyond. I go above and beyond because my goal is to help other people identify what it is that they are great at (even with their resumes) and passionate about so that they too can live their purpose. My clients invest in themselves because they know that their outcomes are a result of their investment.

Now this client wasn’t the first one that did not want to invest in himself. I’ve gotten many calls from potential clients that know they need help with either their resumes or coaching but when I tell them how much is going to cost they get sticker shocked and/or don’t feel they are worth the investment. Now let me just repeat that I am still under-priced. It’s not what I charge, it’s what they are willing to invest.

For example, when I first decided to post the AD I was going back and forth about how much I would charge. Not because I didn’t already have my pricing on my website but because I assumed that the person looking in Craigslist for someone to help with their resume was not going to pay my starting price of $399 for a mid-level experience resume. Therefore, I decided to place the AD without the pricing and just field the calls I received.

It turns out that most of the calls I received were looking to pay $50-60 for a resume (because there are resume writers that will charge that) and quite frankly that is not worth the time I spend on a resume. I had to explain to a few of them that I am not just any resume writer, I am actually a Career Coach. I explained my approach to a resume and it being your personal branding sales tool and the process of including a 30-50 min comprehensive strategy session to discuss your career goals, achievements, natural strengths and skills so that you could successfully market the new resume, and I explained that all that by it self was worth the $199, if not more. Not to mention the time it takes me to re-write a strategic stellar resume….I should be charging more than $500 per resume.

After a fielding a few calls, I decided to edit the AD with the resume writing starting of at $199. I calculated my time, my goal of why I posted the AD in the first place and I figured it would be a fair compromise for me to continue to gauge the market on Craigslist. It turns out that the $199 was a number more individuals were comfortable on investing and I could possibly up-sell my other services. BINGO…it worked and I do not mind working on a few resumes at that price level because I am confident of the level of service that I provide and I know that it will result in many referrals. The day or so after I posted the revised AD, I received my first call and confirmed my first client from that AD at $500 for both their brand new stellar resume and LinkedIn profile. Therefore, in this case the time I am spending on Craigslist clients at a $5 AD is a great ROI for the outcome both my client and I are receiving.

So, the next time you are thinking of making an investment in yourself think about this: “You get what you pay for!”

Interested in having me look at your resume or considering coaching? Book a complimentary 30 min. discovery coaching call by visiting my booking calendar and choosing a time that works best for you: https://calendly.com/vimariroman

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About the author: Vimari Roman is a Career & Leadership Coach who helps individuals achieve their peak potential and live a fulfilled life by utilizing their natural gifts and talents (also known as strengths). 

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