Happy Clients & Powerful Results

Here are a few of the transformations my clients have experienced after working with me.

Ready to gain confidence, take massive action and find the job that moves you?


Vimari takes the time to understand your career goals and set you on the correct path. She diligently takes into consideration all of your accomplishments and sees hidden qualities that you do not see in yourself. Best part is she is always available for advice.

Jakub Folenta, University of Florida Graduate

Vimari is a wonderful person! She really digs deep and genuinely wants to help you figure out what it is you are looking for. Before our conversation, I was having trouble finding a job that fit me. I wanted to change industries but did not know specifically what industry to choose. After our conversation, I felt empowered! She really carved out a path that resonated with me. I had some idea about what I wanted to do but Vimari gave me a strategy and a specific path I could focus on. It was a pleasure speaking with her and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their career path! Thank you Vimari!

Dibya Sarkar, Researcher at On Point Investigations, LLC

After taking more than a year off, I decided to hire Vimari as a career coach to help me determine my next professional move. She is professional, direct, perceptive, personable and encouraging. Vimari essentially helps you perform a self-assessment of your professional objectives, ambitions, aspirations and motivations, among other things. She provided expert feedback on my resume, cover letter, and trained me on how to navigate the interview process. With the help of certain exercises and other lessons, she helped me create a realistic and achievable plan. I highly recommend Vimari as a coach because she not only helped me create a career path that incorporates my personal aspirations, but she helped boost my confidence and better focus on my objectives.

Telma L. Cordeiro, Proven Regional Sales Manager

Recently I decided to refresh my resume and decided to hire a professional to help me. I used Linkedin to my research for a professional and had talked to 5 professionals. During my selection process, Vimari was the most professional and with the best insights during the process. I decided to work with her. I am very glad about my decision as she did excellent work on my resume, translating my skills, personality, and achievements after a phone conversation for an hour. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Vimari.

Cecilia Boettcher, QA Automation Engineer

I received Purpose Coaching from Vimari and it was very eye-opening. I learned a lot about myself (i.e. I realized I make a lot of decisions based on what I “should” do and not what I want to do). Vimari is very patient, great a listening and very attentive. I never felt like I was rushed even though our session times were only 30 minutes. She really takes the time to help you find your purpose in order to help you live a more fulfilling life. With all that said, I had a great experience!

Michelle Demars, Senior Vice President of Sales at Genesys Works

Recently I had a need to refresh my resume. I found Vimari on Linkedin Profinder, the experience was enjoyable and yielded a great result. She listened to what I was looking for and delivered. She was professional, communicative and understood what I needed. I would recommend working with her.

Guadalupe Cabrera, Financial Intern at JM Loftus Consulting

I found Vimari through LinkedIn Profinder. She was very professional and helped me restructure my resume while also giving me work related advice. I recommend this to anyone looking to greatly improve their resume and get ahead in the work force.

Nazene Lyttle, Sales Manager

It takes a rockstar to create rockstars!! Having worked directly with Vimari, I have first hand knowledge of her innate ability to lead and can attest to her being a true mentor and stalwart in her field!

Kelly Lajoie, Project Leader, Northeast Commercial

I was looking for someone who could assist me with my resume. I found Vimari via Linkedin ProFinder and she was outstanding with assisting me with reviewing and updating my resume. Vimari also has a hospitality background, so I felt very comfortable with her understanding what I needed to portray in my resume. Vimari also referred me to some hospitality recruiters that can hopefully assist me in landing the perfect position. If you are in need of this service, I highly recommend Vimari Roman Daruvalla!!

Sydney Stamos, VP of Business Development

Vimari is an excellent Career Strategist and Coach! It has been fantastic to work with Vimari. She has a profound knowledge of advanced business solutions, making the impossible possible. She has listened to my career needs and provided exceptional results. I would definitely recommend her!