New Year, New Job! Tips to Updating Your Resume

New Year, New Job? If this is you then you are not alone. The new year is always a time when people start moving around and it’s also historically a good time because many companies are starting their new budgets and hiring professionals are typically in the office after the holiday vacations. When it comes to getting the right opportunity understanding recruitment cycles is key and making sure that your resume is updated is even more important.

What if you didn’t start your search in January and you are not really interested in starting to look until later in the year? No worries, Fall is another great time to look for work as staff typically returns from their Summer vacations and their recruitment efforts are in full force so that they can staff any vacant roles before the holidays and use up budgets before they run out. This is not to say that you should never look for work in the Spring or Summer but these are the best times of the year.

But again you can’t look for a job without an updated resume. Here are a few tips on how to get your resume ready for 2019:

  1. Less is More: Keep your resume to two (2) pages maximum. No more than 10 years of history and do not write long paragraphs. Start with one to two sentences as a narrative for each of the positions that offers a brief description of your job and then focus on your achievements.
  2. Create a Story: The top of your resume’s first page is prime real estate. This area is called a summary and it’s where you suggest to the recruiter, and your future employer where you want to go. Be clear and keep this paragraph to four (4) sentences max. Offer a brief intro that describes why you are a superstar and what qualifies you for the job you are seeking.
  3. Make the Story Interesting: In your career narrative, providing the company name, dates you worked there, and your title is obviously important. The one to two sentences that follow are even more important. Think of what the reader needs to know before they are asked to read about your details or accomplishments. For instance, if you are the Regional Sales Manager you may want to mention what territory you handle, what revenue you are responsible for and how many employees you manage. These points are crucial before your reader can contextualize your accomplishments.
  4. Quantify Achievements: Your achievements for each of your positions should not be less than three (3) or exceed five (5). These should be your top achievements and what makes you a superstar. Quantify by giving facts and figures (think percentages and revenue), and articulate how did your accomplishment contribute to bottom line performance / ROI (Return On Investment).
  5. Utilize Keywords: Make sure that you know what keywords are important for the particular position you are looking to earn. Use keywords that are common in your industry. If you are unsure then look at a few job descriptions and ensure that you sound like the candidate that they are looking for by utilizing some of the words they use to describe their ideal candidate and skills. Keywords are also important in order for your resume to bypass the electronic ATS programs.
  6. Create Continuity: In 2019, you cannot have a resume without a LinkedIn profile. Every recruiter and/or employer will automatically search for your profile in LinkedIn and it is extremely important that these play off each other and that there are no discrepancies. Think of these tools as your personal branding and marketing tools. You want to set the same impression, use the same keywords and offer similar summaries.
  7. Cover Letters: These are NOT a thing of the past. They are needed now more than ever because they say more with fewer words. Keep it short and be sure to get right to the point. Share your focus of direction, respectfully offer a few examples of success, then invite them to learn more by looking at your resume.

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