Spotlight Series #transitiontuesdays – Angelica M. Lenox, Founder & Master Designer at Sweet Guilt


Welcome to #transitiontuesdays where we feature a fearless leader and their transition story.

You’ll learn how they took action on their dreams. Some have transitioned to exciting new jobs, others to a completely new career, or to their own businesses.

We are hoping that these stories inspire you or someone you know.

This week our Spotlight Series #transitiontuesdays introduces Angelica M. Lenox, Founder & Master Designer at Sweet Guilt

Before starting her luxury dessert atelier, Angelica led a very successful 28-year career in Hospitality as a Director of Sales and Marketing for some of the most acclaimed luxury resorts in the world, such as The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, The St. Regis Bahia Beach, Canyon Ranch and the luxury portfolio of Sofitel Hotels and Resorts. Her career permitted her to visit almost every corner of the world, which allowed her inquisitive mind and taste buds to try new dishes, expand her horizons, and discover new flavors that inspired her cooking. Angelica soon found that she was good at baking, and she decided to enroll in every possible baking and decorating course that she could take during her leisure time. She loved every minute of it and knew then she was destined for it.

“I would bake every day of my life if you let me!  I have been baking for the last 25 years, it is my passion, drive and joy.” Angelica M. Lenox

Learn what motivated this fearless leader to make her transition.

What was your first job and how did you get it?

Don’t freak out, but very first job at 15 was in the forensic autopsy department in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  When I was very young I wanted to study forensic science and was given the opportunity to work in the lab.  My job was to record the measurement, weight and color of the organs after an autopsy.  Sexy, no?

When and how did you decide to transition your career to what you do today?

Even though I am still obsessed with forensic studies, it was very obvious that unless the dead spoke back to me the solitude of the lab amongst the dead was not the path for me.  I studied Hospitality Management and International Business that led me to a fabulous 28 years in the hotel business.  I have always enjoyed cooking and baking and soon discovered that I was really good at baking (modesty aside) and I enrolled in every possible baking and decorating course that I could take during my leisure time.  I loved every minute of it and I knew then that I was destined for it.

What steps did you take to make that transition and how long did it take?

To be honest,  the business took a shape of its own.  I was forced to take some time off to recuperate from several surgeries and when it was time to return to the office my heart was not in it.  It was then when I decided to take time off and during that time Sweet Guilt emerged and took off.

What tools, training or coaching did you acquire/learn to help you make the transition?

I took many courses in baking , decorating that gave me the foundation, however I had no idea how to properly assemble large scales cakes, banquets and intricate work of edible art.  I enrolled to every possible hands on classes to learn the craft.

What does life look like now that you have transitioned into doing what you are doing?

It has been almost five years and I love every minute of it.  We have a gorgeous gallery, commercial kitchen, commercial vehicle and a team that allows me to create great desserts.   I am very fortunate that my previous career armed me with a vast knowledge for marketing and business experience, that has made the transition easier and less painful.  Owning your business is not for the faint of heart, it is hard work EVERY minute, it requires determination, focus, enthusiasm and most importantly love for what one does.

What advice would you have given your younger self?    

Don’t be afraid to jump in, things always work out.

What is the best career advice you have ever received?

Be yourself, your inner star always shines brighter than you think.

Describe your ideal vacation.     

A full Spa vacation sounds heavenly right about now.

Where can we find you at 10am on a Saturday? 

Decorating cakes or setting them up in venues.


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