Spotlight Series #transitiontuesdays – Luis H. Leon, III, Senior Finance, Business Analyst & Market Trends Expert

Welcome back to #transitiontuesdays where we feature a fearless leader and their transition story.

In these stories, you are learning how these leaders took action on their dreams. Some have transitioned to exciting new jobs, others to a completely new career, or to their own businesses.

This week our Spotlight Series #transitiontuesdays introduces Luis H. Leon, III, Senior Finance, Business Analyst & Market Trends Expert.


In May 2020 as the USA was entering the second month of a global pandemic, like many, Luis received a furloughed letter from his employer of two years. Luis found this challenge as an opportunity to completely rebrand himself as he was looking to step into the next phase of his career.

With a finance and accounting background, Luis’ natural talents landed him in positions where he worked not only as a financial analyst but a big part of his responsibilities and experience was as a general business analyst. His resume and LinkedIn however did not reflect that.

When we began working with Luis we had two goals, one was to help him rebrand as an expert Financial & Business Analyst and two to get him back into the healthcare industry where he enjoyed knowing he was contributing to a larger cause. Within three months after working together Luis was hired as a Sr. Analyst for Cardinal Health in the middle of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.

The following letter was sent to us by Luis on October 1, 2020, after working with him. Learn what steps he took to get his dream job in the midst of this pandemic.

A year to remember…

Covid-19 and its effect on my professional career path in 2020

During the first wave of the pandemic, I receive a Furlough letter from my employer that said effective immediately. The first thought that came to my mind was “what I’m going to do with no job in an economy that is closed”. Having a family to take care of and the responsibilities that come with it, I knew that something different needed to be done.

I started a professional career strategy plan to explore opportunities in the middle of the crisis. The first area I looked at was updating my resume. In previous experiences when I was looking for a career change, the first barrier was using the right wording in my resume. The second was how could I overcome ATS resume filters used by employers, where many times these systems can disqualify you from the list, even if you have the right experience to compete for a job opportunity.

To overcome these challenges, I started to research companies that could assist with these tasks. I found Be Productive Coaching with excellent reviews. The first thing that gave me confidence and positively impacted me during this professional career rebranding process was the structured plan received from Vimari Roman. Every strategy session helped me to understand or rediscover talents that I possessed to compete for my dream job. The confidence I gained during this process helped me to better understand the challenges that companies are presented within today’s market and gave me a clear understanding of how my skill set and experience could help them achieve their business goals.

In addition to the career strategy and coaching, the tools received as the final product (new resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile) were the ones that opened many opportunities in this job market during a pandemic. Today I can confirm that my dream job in the Healthcare market has arrived. All thanks to the support received during my rebranding process from Be Productive Coaching and a clear strategical plan focused on opportunities that can be found in a crisis like the one we are living in today.

Luis H Leon, MBA

Senior Finance, Business Analyst & Market Trends Expert