Disconnecting Mental Fitness Tip

Disconnecting is being productive, but nowadays, with so many of us attached to our phones and working from home, being able to disconnect is difficult, and it takes a conscious effort.

It is no wonder why burnout, mental health, and wellbeing are hot topics these days. And that’s because we are not disconnecting!

I get it … as an entrepreneur with a Hyper-Achiever mind, it’s extremely difficult for me to find moments of silence which is why I treasure my escapes to nature.

My last escape took place in September. I had been non-stop from April to early August, and by the time my schedule slowed down, I felt exhausted, and no matter the amount of sleep or PQ reps, I could not relax. That’s when I decided to turn a wedding weekend into a 10-day road trip with my hubby and chocolate Labrador Zeke. Our trip felt like a late summer vacation that was much needed and perfectly timed, avoiding the rush of summer travel. And I’ve been so clear and productive since I return that I couldn’t help but want to share these tips with you.

Besides increased productivity, the benefits of disconnecting are endless and include:

🌟 Increased focus and concentration

🌟 Lowered stress and anxiety

🌟 Increased creativity

🌟 Higher energy levels

🌟 Better life balance

But in the midst of all that we have going on, how do we disconnect without feeling guilt or FOMO?

The answer: By setting healthy boundaries!

Here are my tips for setting boundaries so that you can disconnect:

1️⃣ Communicate and delegate before disconnecting so that your employer, employees, or clients know that you will be offline.

2️⃣ Turn on your out-of-office and turn off your work notifications.

3️⃣ Get out in nature and turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode for as long as possible.

You can, of course, do any other activity that you enjoy, but I highly recommend just being out in nature to truly disconnect. Other activities may require brain work, and you may not get the necessary recharge. I find that being quiet and still are the best ways to disconnect.

About Be Productive:

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Vimari is a Certified Leadership and Positive Intelligence Coach who speaks on Mental Fitness, Professional Branding, and Career Strategies and Transitions. She is a proud and engaged member of the South Florida ICF Chapter, and in 2019 she was recognized by LinkedIn as a LinkedIn Career Expert.

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