On my way to the Camino 🚶‍♀️ Finding my Sage and the gifts from pain and suffering 🎁

They say your journey to the Camino de Santiago (The Ways of St. James) starts as soon as you decide to go and start planning the trip. Still, I didn’t know what that meant when I signed up to join my cousin Irisaida on her 50th birthday pilgrimage. 

My Camino started on October 27th, 2021, when I received the invitation to join Irisaida and four of her friends on the Camino Frances. Of course, I immediately said yes because this had been on my bucket list for some time, so the planning began. I quickly purchased my flights to take advantage of reasonable airfare and had planned to do some research for training and packing over the holidays. Still, as life would have it, I came down with the Omicron variant of Covid on December 23rd and spent my holidays in bed. “No problem,” I thought, “I will start planning in January once I am over this terrible virus.” 

January 10th was the first day I was 100% well. It was my first day back in the office since December 17th, and I was excited to get to work and prepare for my next Crushing Mental Fitness 6-week program. Shadow, my 15yr old chocolate labrador, had to go to the bathroom at about noon. I ran to open the kitchen door to let him out, but I was a little too late, and my poor baby had an accident in the kitchen on his way out to the yard. I started cleaning and wanted to hose down the kitchen stairs, but my husband had not replaced the broken hose. I had to improvise while being highly annoyed at my husband as I’ve been asking him to replace the hose for a few weeks. When I saw Shadow trying to get back inside, I quickly grabbed him by the collar to bring him in by the side door so that he wouldn’t drag the poop back in, but when we went to the door, it was locked. “The door that my husband had kept open for weeks is locked just when I need it to be opened,” I thought. I became even more annoyed, and as I turned around, I fell on the concrete stairs and floor. Ouch, the pain! I twisted my ankle and could barely walk when I got up. I first thought of my trip, the Camino, my ankle. “Oh no, this happened to my sister and spiritual mentor Liz when she was going on her Camino. If she could get well and still travel weeks or months after her injury, I should be fine too.” And so my pain and suffering began, and the last 70+ days have been unpredictable. 

I utilized the RICE method for a couple of weeks before realizing that I may need medical attention. I made an appointment with my fabulous Podiatrist Dr. Marizeli Olacio founder of Omega Group. Fifteen days later, I got the medical attention I needed for a torn ligament and contusion. I had to wear a walking boot for four (4) weeks. I then transitioned to a heavy-duty brace while doing therapy three times a week with Max Wolters DPT, CSCS, all in hopes that I could still make the Camino.

If that wasn’t enough, a week after I fell on January 17th, my husband had fallen asleep in the living room. When he went to get up to come to the bedroom, he fell on our living room floor. He is not sure how but his hand was super swollen. He, too, waited a week or so before getting medical attention, and when he did, they told him he fractured a bone. 

As humans, we were never promised that life would be perfect. If you are reading this, I bet you too have had your share of pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are necessary for us humans to appreciate the gifts that life brings us. Maybe your pain and suffering have not been as intense as some of the people you know or the stories you’ve heard. Still, I bet you’ve experienced an accident, betrayal, or life disappointment at one point or another. We all have, and the worst part is that we never know when it will come. We can plan and set goals, but life often turns out differently, and it’s up to us to see the gift and opportunities (Sage Powers).

As my husband and I were getting into the routine and on our way to healing a couple of weeks later, on February 2nd, we got the terrible news that my husband’s uncle passed away in a car accident and that his little cousin who was in the car with her grandfather was in ICU. So as if our physical pain was not enough, we now have this emotional pain and grief. Three days later, my maternal grandfather, Abuelo Alberto, passed away. 

When it rains, it pours, they say, ” Boy, did we get a storm in our way. I had planned for 2022 to be the year I would unleash the power within me and the power within my clients. Still, on February 5th, I had no idea if I would be able to do anything. But this is life. As Forest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get.” 

As the weeks went by, my physical body was healing, and my heart was recovering. But before I could celebrate and start packing for my March 24th trip, I got my last test and challenge on my way to the Camino. 

In February, I noticed that my monthly menstrual cycle was late. I didn’t pay much mind to it because I realized all of the stress and emotional pain could have an effect on our hormones. I did find it strange as I am very regular but didn’t pay much mind to it. Almost 14 days later, the flood gates opened on March 3rd, and on Monday, March 14th, I started to get nervous. I was only 10 days from my trip, and how could I travel this way? I am now hijacked by my saboteurs and on edge because of what I’ve experienced over the past three months. I think of the worst and make an emergency appointment with the Gynecologist. I went in the next day, and the first thing the doctor says is, “you may need to cancel your trip.”

My heart started beating fast, and I wanted to cry. After all of this, no way…why? I did some of my PQ reps and took some nice breaths, and we continued the conversation. He rushed me to get a ton of blood work done and a couple of sonograms and gave me a prescription to stop the bleeding. The results started to appear in the portal on Friday, and the blood work showed that I was anemic. I didn’t understand the other results, so I patiently and nervously waited the weekend with all of my Camino packing items on top of my living room table because I was too nervous to pack. Finally, Monday comes along, and I get a message in the portal from my doctor’s office that he wants to see me ASAP. You can probably imagine how I felt. I nervously called to make an appointment, wondering what news I would receive and now basically getting mentally ready to possibly have to cancel my trip. They squeezed me in to see the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. I drive there doing PQs, breathing, and praying. I finally get to see the doctor, and he goes over the results with me and gives me the okay to travel along with some instructions. I took a deep breath and could almost cry from the excitement and relief that it wasn’t anything life-threatening or urgent.

The roller coaster is over for now, and I can pack to go on my Way to St. James. 🤗 “Thank you, Lord,” I thought! 🙏

Amid this pain and suffering, I’ve received many lessons and gifts thanks to my way of looking at life and my mental fitness practice. At 45, I am on my way and still learning! 🧠 💪


(Image provided by Positive Intelligence)

I want to share a few of my Sage lessons:

🧠 Because of my fall, I’ve been alcohol-free (no vino) since December 17th, and I feel fantastic! More on that in the future.

🧠 I am now more empathetic to physical pain.

🧠 I am now more aware and empathetic to the aging process with my dog, my grandfather, and my own body. I’ve realized that our body is our temple, and we need to take care of it.

🧠 I’ve really learned that I must let go of control. (This is one of my top saboteurs, and I must continue working on them.)

🧠 I’ve come to appreciate the importance of sleep and recovery.

🧠 I’ve been building new habits and allowing others to help me. 

🧠 I thoroughly appreciate the importance of having a good team (husband, doctors, physical therapist, and coaches)

I am off to the Camino! We depart tomorrow, March 24th. If you want to follow our walk, sign up to receive notifications of our “Seis Caminos – Women Empowerment” Blog. This post will be there, and you’ll get to meet my cousin Irisaida and the other four women walking with us. Here is the full link: https://browslasheshope.org/camino-blog

Until April – I’ll be on my way! 

xo, Vimari


(Image taken from REI – https://www.rei.com/blog/travel/how-to-hike-the-camino-de-santiago)

About Be Productive:

Founder, Vimari Roman helps professionals get out of paralysis analysis, gain confidence, and take massive action to succeed in the career that moves them.

Vimari began her career in Hospitality and after over 20 years, she found herself bored, frustrated and discouraged. She realized that she had outgrown her career and in 2013 transitioned her skillset, earned her CMM (Certificate in Meeting Management), and started her first company, Be Productive Meetings & Events. After a great start, she felt that something was still missing. She went inward and discovered that she missed the coaching and leadership component of her teams. A year later in 2014, she received her Global Leadership Certified Coach designation, and Be Productive Coaching was born.

Vimari serves clients from all over the world working virtually. With over twenty years of experience in leadership, she has successfully mentored and coached 100’s of high-performing professionals in various industries assisting their transition to living exciting lives, filled with purpose, greater career satisfaction, and higher pay. 🍎Check out how she can help you at www.beproductivecoaching.com

The Secret to Unleashing the Power Within #2022Goals

Imagine what would happen to your life if you were mentally fit. Suppose you knew that you couldn’t trust every voice in your head. If you learned how to discredit the Saboteurs in your mind by utilizing an operating system that will help you activate the emotions of empathy, happiness, and love. What if, in addition to those emotions, you were able to activate positive Sage powers while handling work and life’s greatest challenges? What if you could take calm and clear-headed action daily? What becomes possible for you, in achievement, in peace of mind and wellness, and your relationships?

I am here to tell you that this is all possible with Positive Intelligence (PQ). I am speaking from my own experience. Like many other people, I’ve spent my adult life working on becoming a better version of myself. I read and listened to many self-help books, took classes, training, and assessments, researched, only to apply what I could remember. That work and investment helped me become a better leader and achieve much of the success in my previous career. It also made my interest in personal development and human behavior grow. But much of this was focused on my career and dismissed the needs at home.

Not knowing that my top saboteur was the “Hyper-Achiever,” success depended on consistent performance and achievement for my self-respect and self-validation. I moved out on my own at the age of 17, immediately after graduating high school. I opted to work and focus on supporting myself while building my career in Hospitality vs. continuing college to become a Psychologist. These “Hyper-Achiever” tendencies made me focus on external success that led me to become a workaholic losing touch with deeper emotional and relationship needs.

I lacked empathy and looked at feelings as a distraction. I didn’t understand how someone could stay home from work because they had cramps and often judged them. I was great at covering up my insecurities to show a positive image to continue growing within my career. And although I’ve always been the life of the party (coming across as an extrovert), I kept people at a safe distance not to get distracted from my goals. This distance resulted in me feeling alone and misunderstood. You see, the “Hyper-Achiever” lied to me, telling me that life was about achieving and producing results. Yes, it helped me gain a lot but at what cost?

The shift in my life started in 2013 when I matured and realized that life wasn’t all about achieving and producing results. I was tired and lonely. Before finding Positive Intelligence, I continued working to grow my emotional intelligence (EQ). That work led me to get certified as a Leadership Coach. But, the “Hyper-Achiever” was still so very active, and it took a pandemic and a complete burnout for me to realize that I was at war AND I was determined to win.

There are no coincidences in life because God’s timing is perfect! Positive Intelligence arrived at the ideal time. Shirzad Chamine had just launched the program for Coaches in 2020. As a result of the pandemic, his vision was to create a world where mental fitness was accessible to everyone. He could do that by offering the gift of this program to coaches. I was introduced to the work by my friend and colleague and completed the program in February. After completing the program, just like that, I no longer felt burned out, and I felt happier with a clear-headed focus.

In only six weeks, I realized how much my life had changed that I wanted to provide that gift to others. I realized that I needed to incorporate Mental Fitness into my coaching practice. On March 26, I joined Shirzad’s vision, getting certified as a Positive Intelligence Coach. As the year was coming to an end, nine months later, I received my official certification as a Certifed Positive Intelligence Coach, aka Certified Mental Fitness Coach.

So as I move forward with 2022, I tell you that the secret behind unleashing the power within is Mental Fitness. Now is the time to take action so you can start 2022 with a bang and let this New Year be the year that you unleash the power within. 🧠💪🏼

Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what some of my clients have to say:


Today I invite you to please join Shirzad and me in manifesting this vision where we live in a world where everyone around us is mentally fit. Do your part by becoming mentally fit yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world.

You can do that by joining my next Bootcamp starting on Sat, January 15. This app-guided program will teach you step-by-step how to build lasting new positive habits so that you can respond to life’s challenges with a more positive mindset. 📈

Vimari Roman your Certified Mental Fitness Coach will be leading our group meetings and supporting you throughout the program to help you transform your performance, wellbeing, and relationships. Ready to strengthen your mental muscles to deal with challenges with less stress and greater clarity? Register today!

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About Be Productive:

Founder, Vimari Roman helps professionals get out of paralysis analysis, gain confidence, and take massive action to succeed in the career that moves them.

Vimari began her career in Hospitality and after over 20 years, she found herself bored, frustrated and discouraged. She realized that she had outgrown her career and in 2013 transitioned her skillset, earned her CMM (Certificate in Meeting Management), and started her first company, Be Productive Meetings & Events. After a great start, she felt that something was still missing. She went inward and discovered that she missed the coaching and leadership component of her teams. A year later in 2014, she received her Global Leadership Certified Coach designation, and Be Productive Coaching was born.

Vimari serves clients from all over the world working virtually. With over twenty years of experience in leadership, she has successfully mentored and coached 100’s of high-performing professionals in various industries assisting their transition to living exciting lives, filled with purpose, greater career satisfaction, and higher pay. 🍎Check out how she can help you at www.beproductivecoaching.com

Unleash the Power Within in 2022: Goal Setting Tips

The first Monday of 2022 has approached and the anticipation of the New Year is still in full swing. You are back to work, kids are back at school and you sort of feel like the same person you were on Dec 31st. Shhh, I have a secret, you are the same person as you were on Dec 31st and that’s beautiful.

So many of us get anxious as the New Year approaches and our minds go crazy with anticipation of what we will accomplish, what resolutions we will make, and how we can become brand new, then January 1st comes along and boom we are still the same person. What happened? We then get slowly into the New Year but we put off the diet, the going to the gym, the goal-setting all because Jan 1st fell on a Saturday and we can wait to start everything on Monday. But Monday rolls around and… New Year and you are the same you, you feel the same and you don’t have the energy or same enthusiasm to start. Does this sound familiar?

If this sounds familiar then that’s because perhaps you have not made the internal and mental changes that need to be made. Change needs to come from within. Quality of life comes from our own feelings and emotions. You can make 2022 the year that you unleash the power within by the way you show up.

Cultivate how you want to feel by creating deliberate habits and incorporating the following internal changes:

  • Be Kind – to yourself and others
  • Let Go – of all the pressure and negativity, be stressfree
  • Be Present – slow down, be still, be mindful
  • Be Respectful – of yourself and others
  • Don’t judge – yourself or others and look at yourself and others with dignity and love
  • Keep Your Word – to yourself and others. Don’t break promises that you make, especially to yourself.
  • Be Grateful – it’s the little things. Where focus goes energy flows. Focus on what you are grateful for.

Create these habits by using the 21/90 rule: It takes 21 days to break or make a habit and if you do it for 90 days then it becomes a way of life.

Once you commit to making the internal changes then you can start to reflect on the previous year, your life, and the goals you want to set for the year.

Here’s how you can make 2022 the year you unleash the power within without the anxiety of the New Year resolutions:

  • Get Clear: Do a self-assessment of where you are in every area of your life.
  • Create a Vision: Whom do you want to be? What kind of person do you want to become? On Dec 31, 2022, what do you want to look back to and be proud of?
  • Set Goals: Set Goals that support the person you want to be in the next 12 months so that you can have an extraordinary 2022. Be ambitious about your goals and take command of your life by making them happen regardless of the outside circumstances.

Be Productive Coaching New Year Goal Setting

For the last several years I’ve broken up my life into twelve (12) areas and I’ve written a minimum of three (3) new year’s goals for each of those areas.

As we enter 2022, I invite you to do the same. Following I share the twelve (12) areas (in no particular order). If you feel there is an area that I left out, go ahead and insert that area into your goals for the new year. If you would like me to email you the free New Year Goal Setting worksheet email me your request at vimari@beproductivecoaching.com

Here are some tips for getting ready to set your new year goals:

  • Get yourself into a relaxed state of mind (pray or meditate and take some deep breaths)
  • Sage or light up a candle or incent (this is a good way to cleanse the room that you are going to be sitting in and bring in good energy)
  • Grab your favorite pen or pencil and write your goals on a piece of paper or in your journal.
  • Dream: Be open and do not limit yourself.

Start by writing the following statement at the top of the page:

“I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.”

  1. ATTITUDE: MENTAL/EMOTIONAL – EXAMPLE: Do not judge, Let go and let God, Be Fearless, Be Joyful, Have more focus, etc.
  2. RELATIONSHIPS: SIGNIFICANT OTHER/FAMILY/FRIENDS – EXAMPLE: Date nights, Talk to my dad once a week, Spend time with my mom.
  3. SPIRITUAL – EXAMPLE: Pray daily, meditate, etc.
  4. PHYSICAL/HEALTH – EXAMPLE: Detox, exercise three times a week, etc.
  5. CAREER – EXAMPLE: Change jobs, go for promotion, etc
  6. EDUCATION/LEARNING – EXAMPLE: Get a certification, finish a degree, etc.
  7. FINANCIAL – EXAMPLE: Refinance house, pay off debts, etc.
  8. PLEASURE – EXAMPLE: Girls night out once per month, bowling weekly, etc.
  9. SERVICE/MISSION – EXAMPLE: Volunteer, Donate, etc.
  10. CREATIVITY – EXAMPLE: Take guitar lessons, draw, journal, etc.
  11. TRAVEL/ADVENTURE – EXAMPLE: France, Skydive, etc.
  12. GENERAL – EXAMPLE: anything else you may want to set a goal for or that you want to pay extra focus to like your romantic relationship or a big project.

Once you write out your goals:

  • Put them away in a safe place where you can access them monthly and take a look to see how they are coming along.
  • Choose one day out of the next 12 months that you will view your goals and evaluate your progress.

If you are an overachiever then you can also:

  • Write your goals using the Rapid Planning Method (RPM) – this will break down each goal on how you are going to achieve it. I teach this method to my coaching clients and you too can learn it or we can schedule a VIP Goal Setting Day. This is a 6-8 hour coaching and #strategy session focused on you. You will have the option to complete it between one session or two sessions. Each VIP day is customized based on your individual needs and here’s some of what we will work on together:
  1. Check-in with your values & purpose
  2. Clarify your vision for 2022
  3. Roadblock Clearing
  4. Goal setting
  5. Create an Action Plan

Apply to reserve your spot by scheduling a free consultation: www.beproductivecoaching.com/contact

Now get going and get started in unleashing the power within to make 2022 an extraordinary year!

Know someone who needs to unleash the power within? Share these tips with your friends on social media, via email, or LinkedIn.

Get Mentally Fit in 2022 & Unlock Massive Results in Every Area of Your Life! 

Maybe it’s transitioning your career to live out your greatest purpose, taking your relationships to a new level, or getting your physical body in shape.

The new year always comes with a list of resolutions and goals that are not attained. Research shows that 80% of new year resolutions fail by February. This is your opportunity to make 2022 your greatest year with Mental Fitness, Coaching, Career Strategies, and Professional Branding.

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About Be Productive:

Founder, Vimari Roman helps professionals get out of paralysis analysis, gain confidence, and take massive action to succeed in the career that moves them.

Vimari began her career in Hospitality and after over 20 years, she found herself bored, frustrated and discouraged. She realized that she had outgrown her career and in 2013 transitioned her skillset, earned her CMM (Certificate in Meeting Management), and started her first company, Be Productive Meetings & Events. After a great start, she felt that something was still missing. She went inward and discovered that she missed the coaching and leadership component of her teams. A year later in 2014, she received her Global Leadership Certified Coach designation, and Be Productive Coaching was born.

Vimari serves clients from all over the world working virtually. With over twenty years of experience in leadership, she has successfully mentored and coached 100’s of high-performing professionals in various industries assisting their transition to living exciting lives, filled with purpose, greater career satisfaction, and higher pay. 🍎Check out how she can help you at www.beproductivecoaching.com

It’s Halftime: Steps to Navigating Your Transition

“I had a successful career yet I knew there was something even more significant I wanted to do with my life.”

This was me when I hit the “halftime” in my career and personally. I had achieved success, titles, corner offices, bonuses, and the six-figure salary in a 22-year career but I knew there was much more to life. I also knew that I didn’t have the right partner to spend the next half with. 🤯

I knew that I needed to serve at a higher level. NO that didn’t mean a higher title or salary. It meant that I needed to utilize my God-given talents to serve others and truly leave a legacy.

I knew I wanted to feel honored and loved. I wanted a life partner that I trusted and enjoyed being with, and that supported my need for service.

My halftime took place in 2013. Within a few months, I separated from my last corporate job, got divorced, and started my own business.

That transition took guts and it took strong mental muscles. It took me believing in myself and what God had planned for me. 💪🏼🙏🏼🧠
Today, I feel blessed to have had that halftime awakening because I now get to use my talents to do work that fulfills me while serving others. I get to share my life with a partner that I enjoy spending time with. A partner that loves and honors me. I’ve done more in the last eight (8) years than I did in 22 and the good news is that YOU CAN TOO!

Whether it be in your career or personal life, you’re in “halftime” when you face a transition that leaves you asking “what’s next?” Halftime is not determined by age but rather by stage.

You are in the halftime stage if you…

💥 You leave work each night feeling stressed, deflated, sad, and uninspired.
💥 You are no longer excited or challenged in your position or workplace.
💥 Your relationships and physical health are suffering from the anxiety you feel.
💥 You want to feel confident again.
💥 You want to feel excited and fulfilled doing work that will make a difference.
💥 You want to feel closer than ever before to God, your spouse, and your family.
💥 You want greater clarity to redefine your goals, passions, and purpose.

If this sounds like you then this means that you are ready to venture and journey towards your life’s purpose. You are ready for greater significance!

Now you are probably wondering, okay, so what’s next? How do I move forward with this transition?

I am not going to lie, transitions take time but the good news is that you are not alone and there are many steps you can take to help you navigate this halftime. The first thing is to take action – Action Always Beats Intention!

💥 Align yourself with other leaders making a difference in your areas of interest.

💥 Keep moving forward – have faith that you will soon discover your next steps and take one action each day that will help you get closer.

💥 Go back to your younger self and ask “what did you want to be when you grew up?” Listen to your younger self and write down what he/she tells you.

💥 Go inward: think about what moves you, what brings you joy, and what you would want more of in your life. Then do start doing more of that.

💥 Strengthen your mental muscles. Transitions take strong mental muscles, motivation, and peak performance. You’ll need to be dramatically calm and clear to create lasting change. The best leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs have strong mental muscles. Yet 80% of people score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness. You’ll need to implement mental fitness to build strong mental muscles to help you navigate your saboteurs when they attack you. Take your free saboteur assessment so that you can recognize your saboteurs and be ready when they get ready to hijack you: https://assessment.positiveintelligence.com/saboteur/overview

💥 Get someone in your corner that can help you. This could be a friend, an ex-colleague, a mentor, or a coach. If you hire a coach make sure it’s someone who works in this area of expertise and has some references.
If you find yourself in “Halftime” then I want to congratulate you. Take these steps and you’ll find that your second half can be even better than your first.

If you want someone who’s in your corner to help you navigate this transition, I can help. 👋 Schedule a free coaching session: www.beproductivecoaching.com/contact

Job Search – 10 Proactive Tactics

Challenges exist when you are in a job search. Nowadays with so many laid off or furloughed the competition is a little tighter which means that you have to be proactive in your job search.

Here are 10 proactive tactics that you can take:

  1. Professional Branding Tools: Make sure your resume and LinkedIn are aligned and that the titles, skills, and accomplishments showcased are focused on the jobs that you are applying to. This is #1 – if you don’t already have this then get this step done before you do anything else.
  2. Cover Letters: I cannot stress how important these are. Any recruiter or hiring manager can tell you how few cover letters they see. With cover letters being so rare this is a sure way to set yourself apart. Make sure you are adding value by telling them why you would be a good fit, what you love about their company or their mission, and list 3-5 things you would offer in the role you are interested in. Don’t forget to end strong and request a time to meet.
  3. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters: Turn on this feature in LinkedIn and include the titles you are interested in to show recruiters that you are open to opportunities. 
  4. Turn on Job Notifications on LinkedIn: These will come to you as soon as something is posted so that you can apply immediately.
  5. Reach Out Directly: Research recruiters in your industry and reach out to them directly. You can do the same for an HR person or the actual hiring manager. If you cannot find an email then go the old fashioned way and mail them a letter with your resume.
  6. Network: Tell at least 5 people a day that you are looking for a job. Enlist your network:
    1. Your family and friends – be clear on what you are looking for: title, companies, tasks
    2. Professional contacts – people you have worked with or know through the industry.
    3. Loose connections – people you are connected to but don’t really know.
  7. Make a Short List: Identify companies you would want to work for, make a list, and target them directly even if they do not have an opening. 
  8. Find an In: Research if you know anyone at your target companies or know anyone that does. Ask for an introduction. 
  9. ATS systems: Complete the questions on the ATS systems even if you are uploading your resume.
  10. Be Prepared: You must be ready at all times. Practice your interview with a friend or family member and record yourself if you can. Know what you are going to wear and have a printed copy of your resume. 

Need more assistance or have questions? Schedule a complimentary consultation: https://beproductivecoaching.com/contact/

Tips to Stretching Your Mind, Body & Soul

Have you been stretching? Stretching keeps you balanced and your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Without stretching your muscles shorten and become tight. That’s why a daily stretching routine is important and NOT just for your body. It’s just as important to stretch your MIND and SOUL daily.🧠💪❤

Here are some tips I practice daily that will stretch your mind, body, and soul to benefit your overall flexibility, strength, and health. 🧠💪❤

☑ MIND, BODY, AND SOUL STRETCHING Pick One Activity in Each of the Categories and Do It for 10 Minutes Each – Daily:

1️⃣ Body: Yoga or Static Stretching

2️⃣ Mind: Read or Listen to a Book or Podcast, Take a Class, Challenge Yourself by Doing Something New

3️⃣ Soul: Pray, Meditate, Journal, Spend Time With a Loved One

Doing one of these activities daily for 10 minutes will make a huge difference in how you feel and help you stretch not just your body but your mind and soul as well. You’ll have overall health and this is so important now more than ever. Keep yourself healthy mind, body, and soul. 🧠💪❤


Stretch your mind, body, and soul with our High-Performance Coaching. Learn how we can work together – schedule a free consultation: www.beproductivecoaching.com

10 Job Search Tips to Keep Your Search Productive

These Job Search Tips Will Keep Your Search Productive Even During Covid-19

Many often say that the best time to look for a job is while you have one. But we all know that things aren’t always perfect. Many times we find ourselves having to do something unexpectedly. COVID-19 for many has proved to do that with the lay off’s and furloughs. Yet, life must go on, and the job search must continue. That job search can be a daunting task, and especially when we do not have one. Here is a shortlist of 10 tips that have helped many of my clients get back into the marketplace within just a few weeks. Note that during this pandemic, it may take a little longer, but don’t get discouraged; the show must go on, and businesses are still hiring!

  1. Get clear on your job search. Know what your ideal next step is and what positions interest you. Think about what is essential for you, i.e. money, growth, being challenged, culture, etc. (wants, needs, bonus).
  2. Polish your professional tools. Once you get clear on your strategy, it’s time to update your resume, LinkedIn profile, and also have a cover letter template ready to customize and send. No, this is not so 1989, cover letters are still required in 2020 even if they don’t ask for them.
  3. Make a list of target companies or industries. Having a strategy includes knowing what companies you want to target and industries that interest you. These will be your focus at the beginning and where you will begin your search. Remember where attention goes energy flows.
  4. Write out an action plan. How many positions will you apply for daily or per week? When and where will you start your search? What platforms will you use? Who will you contact and when?
  5. Schedule time daily. For example: Search on Indeed from 10-11 am, type cover letters from 11:30 am-12:30 pm, and apply for ten jobs from 2 pm-4 pm.
  6. Network. Use LinkedIn to get in touch with old colleagues and friends that could help you. Identify people you could connect with within your industry that may be hiring. Reach out to recruiters, email, and make phone calls, etc.
  7. Don’t forget self-care. The job search can be stressful. Take breaks, skip a day, go for a walk, exercise, journal, meditate, do anything that makes you feel good, and keeps you motivated.
  8. Keep the momentum. Consistency is key! Even when you are not in the mood. Keep going, and you will get the job eventually. It may take longer than you expected it. It may be daunting, but if you stop, you will lose momentum. Do not quit!
  9. Prepare for what’s next. Get your interview skills in order by practicing with a loved one. Be ready for an on-line zoom interview. Create a follow-up schedule (yes, you may follow up on applications). Have your thank you notes or emails available.
  10. Ask for help. If you need help with your tools or interview skills or a professional reference, do not hesitate to ask. People love helping people. Use your resources. If you do not feel comfortable asking for help, then hire a professional. Do not be afraid to invest in yourself and your career. You are not alone!


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5 Easy Mindfulness Exercises

I overheard a recent interview on one of the new’s channels as my husband was watching his daily COVID-19 update, and this time they had John Whyte the Chief Medical Officer, of WebMD, who was explaining that the most typed search on their website right now is for anxiety and depression symptoms. This didn’t surprise me knowing that many of us are experiencing high-stress levels and anxiety during this time of pandemic as we face COVID-19 and the global financial crisis. I was happy to see that this was finally a discussion on the news channels. 

I’ve always had an interest in mental health, I even wanted to major in psychology before getting caught up in my hospitality career. Then throughout the years, I’ve dealt first hand with the anxiety and depression of different family members including my mom, grandmother, and husband. As a coach, I’ve helped many of my clients incorporate practices to help avoid the onset of stress and anxiety from their careers. It was due to this interest that I decided to start my Face Everything & Rise, free weekly mental health support group during COVID-19.

One of the practices I incorporate is mindfulness. I happen to love mindfulness and have had my own practice for over 8 years. In this new post, I’d like to share with you 5 of my favorite mindfulness exercises. Before I do, in case you are not familiar with what mindfulness is, I’ll bring you up to speed quickly.

Lets first look at the definition of mindfulness according to the dictionary:


the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
“their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition”
a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Next lets look at the overall benefits of mindfulness?

  • Improves overall health
  • Improves Cognition
  • Improves Performance
  • Brings Joy
  • Helps us sleep better
  • Improves self-esteem

Here are some ways that we can practice mindfulness:

  • Staying in the NOW
  • Meditating
  • Eating mindfully
  • Observing our breathing
  • Connecting to our senses
  • Listening to the sounds around us
  • Starting a gratitude practice

Here are the five simple mindfulness exercises that you can incorporate to help reduce stress and anxiety:

1) Color Walk (one of my favorites)
If you have a dog then you can practice this during your dog walks otherwise if you do not just simply go for a ten-minute walk by yourself. Pick a color that comes to your mind. During your walk, you will look for all the things that you can see in that color. Don’t focus on things, just focus on the color. You will be amazed at the things you see. At the end of your walk, think back about all the new things you saw.

Pick the color red. Notice the red flowers, a red car driving by, your neighbor’s red door, etc. Pick a different color each time.
Start in your block then go to new surroundings. You can also do this by walking around your home.

2) STOP: Take a Mindfulness Pause
When you notice that you are feeling overwhelmed, take a pause. Next follow these basic mindfulness practice instructions that will support re-engagement of your prefrontal cortex (our “logic center”) enabling you better access to your inner wisdom, awareness, and creative thinking.

  • Start by noticing or experiencing what is happening within your body at that moment.
  • Next, just sit with (allow) yourself to feel these sensations and breathe.
  • Whenever your mind wanders into the negative or overwhelming thoughts, simply return to noticing your body sensations.
  • After about 30 seconds notice if you feel a change in your sensations. What are you experiencing now?
  • Breathe into this new sensation and just notice your breath as it is.
  • This Mindfulness Pause takes less than two minutes, yet quickly creates a calmer space. Once in this calmer space, ask yourself what it is that you want to focus on that would have the greatest positive impact in the situation (or in the context of your bigger goals) and continue about your day.

3) Meet Each Day with the Best of Who You Are
This exercise has a small piece of pre-work, and is then followed by a mindfulness exercise to “meet each day with the best of who you are”. You can use this mindfulness practice daily or whenever you want to intentionally create your day.

Pre-work: Start by writing down what an ideal day might look like for you. Then explore what factors get in your way of creating your ideal day, and what would help you create it.

Here’s the Mindfulness Exercise to Meet Each Day with the Best of Who You Are:

  • Tune into the sensation of your feet on the floor (for about 30 seconds).
  • Next tune into the sensation of your breath (for about 30 seconds).
  • Then answer these 3 questions:
  • “What matters most to you today?”
  • “What would you like to let go of today?” (What isn’t serving you?)
  • “Who do you choose to be today?” (How will you express your values?)
  • Finally, to wrap-up, this exercise, return awareness to your breath as you invite yourself into this intention for your day (for at least 30 seconds).

4) FEEL Your Breathing for 20 Counts
This is a quick tool we coaches use with clients – and clients can use for themselves – when the stress and anxiety are extreme. You can use this easy exercise when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed about a difficult decision, prior to meetings or difficult conversations, or following stressful incidents from which you need to cool down. Here’s how:

  • Start by sitting in a comfortable position, placing your feet on the floor.
  • Next, place one hand on your abdomen and then to place one hand over your heart.
  • Now simply breathe – without any need to control the breath – just breathe.
  • Count the out-breaths from 1 up to 20.
  • Notice when your thoughts distract you (without self-judgment or criticism), and then return your attention to your breathing.
  • Why this works: Feeling your chest and abdomen rise and fall under your hands signals to your brain that the threat is over, and instantly stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and digest” part of our nervous system) which then switches off the threat response activation to bring a sense of calm.

5) Simple Breathing Exercise
This is another quick breathing exercise that is easy and you can do it anywhere.

  • Start by sitting in a comfortable position, placing your feet on the floor with your back straight, shoulders down and chest up.
  • Next, place both hands on your thighs facing up or down whatever feels normal for you.
  • Now take 3 regular deep breaths – without any need to control the breath – just breathe.
  • Next, take a deep breath in counting the breath in from 1 up to 5 or 10.
  • Hold the breath for a count of 5 to 10 (same count as your deep breath in).
  • Breath out counting the out-breaths from 1 up to 5 or 10 (always use the same number you used to take your deep breath in).
  • Repeat this 3 times and then notice how you feel. You should feel much better. If you don’t then repeat this breathwork 3 more times.

I hope these exercises are helpful to you. If you decide to start your mindfulness practice please email me and let me know how it’s going. I’d love to hear from you!

Six (6) – Top LinkedIn Strategies

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to optimize LinkedIn and have a profile that makes you stand out. In today’s market having online professional branding, presence could be the difference between you and the next candidate. With 95% of recruiters searching on LinkedIn you cannot afford not to have a presence and you want to put your best foot forward. Here are six key areas to customize and pay particular attention to. The time to update or create a profile is now. The economy will open up and you want to be ready when it does. Take this time during #saferathome to get yourself ready and put your best foot forward.

  1. Head-shot & Cover Photo: You must have one. Make it professional and if possible make sure you are looking at the camera. Upload a cover photo that reflects who you are as a professional.
  2. Headline: This is prime real estate. Make sure that you optimize it with the best keywords.
  3. About Section: Use it! Tell the story of your career and offer the reader an understanding of what makes you competitive.
  4. Customize URL: Remove the odd numbers that LinkedIn generates. This should be just your name and if it’s common then include a middle initial or something that differentiates you such as DR, MBA, PA, etc.
  5. Experience: Make sure it matches your resume and quantify your accomplishments.
  6. Skills & Endorsements: Update this section with your top skills and ask for endorsements.

Not comfortable writing about yourself and don’t know where to start? I can help I am offering 50% off all of my services now through May 31st. Schedule a free consultation- www.beproductivecoaching.com/contact

Tips to Becoming a High Performer

Leading companies are adding new talent to support a digital operating model. To develop sharp insights using digital tools, procurement teams will need data science and analytics expertise.