The first Monday of 2022 has approached and the anticipation of the New Year is still in full swing. You are back to work, kids are back at school and you sort of feel like the same person you were on Dec 31st. Shhh, I have a secret, you are the same person as you were on Dec 31st and that’s beautiful.

So many of us get anxious as the New Year approaches and our minds go crazy with anticipation of what we will accomplish, what resolutions we will make, and how we can become brand new, then January 1st comes along and boom we are still the same person. What happened? We then get slowly into the New Year but we put off the diet, the going to the gym, the goal-setting all because Jan 1st fell on a Saturday and we can wait to start everything on Monday. But Monday rolls around and… New Year and you are the same you, you feel the same and you don’t have the energy or same enthusiasm to start. Does this sound familiar?

If this sounds familiar then that’s because perhaps you have not made the internal and mental changes that need to be made. Change needs to come from within. Quality of life comes from our own feelings and emotions. You can make 2022 the year that you unleash the power within by the way you show up.

Cultivate how you want to feel by creating deliberate habits and incorporating the following internal changes:

  • Be Kind – to yourself and others
  • Let Go – of all the pressure and negativity, be stressfree
  • Be Present – slow down, be still, be mindful
  • Be Respectful – of yourself and others
  • Don’t judge – yourself or others and look at yourself and others with dignity and love
  • Keep Your Word – to yourself and others. Don’t break promises that you make, especially to yourself.
  • Be Grateful – it’s the little things. Where focus goes energy flows. Focus on what you are grateful for.

Create these habits by using the 21/90 rule: It takes 21 days to break or make a habit and if you do it for 90 days then it becomes a way of life.

Once you commit to making the internal changes then you can start to reflect on the previous year, your life, and the goals you want to set for the year.

Here’s how you can make 2022 the year you unleash the power within without the anxiety of the New Year resolutions:

  • Get Clear: Do a self-assessment of where you are in every area of your life.
  • Create a Vision: Whom do you want to be? What kind of person do you want to become? On Dec 31, 2022, what do you want to look back to and be proud of?
  • Set Goals: Set Goals that support the person you want to be in the next 12 months so that you can have an extraordinary 2022. Be ambitious about your goals and take command of your life by making them happen regardless of the outside circumstances.

Be Productive Coaching New Year Goal Setting

For the last several years I’ve broken up my life into twelve (12) areas and I’ve written a minimum of three (3) new year’s goals for each of those areas.

As we enter 2022, I invite you to do the same. Following I share the twelve (12) areas (in no particular order). If you feel there is an area that I left out, go ahead and insert that area into your goals for the new year. If you would like me to email you the free New Year Goal Setting worksheet email me your request at

Here are some tips for getting ready to set your new year goals:

  • Get yourself into a relaxed state of mind (pray or meditate and take some deep breaths)
  • Sage or light up a candle or incent (this is a good way to cleanse the room that you are going to be sitting in and bring in good energy)
  • Grab your favorite pen or pencil and write your goals on a piece of paper or in your journal.
  • Dream: Be open and do not limit yourself.

Start by writing the following statement at the top of the page:

“I accept these things into my life now or something better for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned.”

  1. ATTITUDE: MENTAL/EMOTIONAL – EXAMPLE: Do not judge, Let go and let God, Be Fearless, Be Joyful, Have more focus, etc.
  2. RELATIONSHIPS: SIGNIFICANT OTHER/FAMILY/FRIENDS – EXAMPLE: Date nights, Talk to my dad once a week, Spend time with my mom.
  3. SPIRITUAL – EXAMPLE: Pray daily, meditate, etc.
  4. PHYSICAL/HEALTH – EXAMPLE: Detox, exercise three times a week, etc.
  5. CAREER – EXAMPLE: Change jobs, go for promotion, etc
  6. EDUCATION/LEARNING – EXAMPLE: Get a certification, finish a degree, etc.
  7. FINANCIAL – EXAMPLE: Refinance house, pay off debts, etc.
  8. PLEASURE – EXAMPLE: Girls night out once per month, bowling weekly, etc.
  9. SERVICE/MISSION – EXAMPLE: Volunteer, Donate, etc.
  10. CREATIVITY – EXAMPLE: Take guitar lessons, draw, journal, etc.
  11. TRAVEL/ADVENTURE – EXAMPLE: France, Skydive, etc.
  12. GENERAL – EXAMPLE: anything else you may want to set a goal for or that you want to pay extra focus to like your romantic relationship or a big project.

Once you write out your goals:

  • Put them away in a safe place where you can access them monthly and take a look to see how they are coming along.
  • Choose one day out of the next 12 months that you will view your goals and evaluate your progress.

If you are an overachiever then you can also:

  • Write your goals using the Rapid Planning Method (RPM) – this will break down each goal on how you are going to achieve it. I teach this method to my coaching clients and you too can learn it or we can schedule a VIP Goal Setting Day. This is a 6-8 hour coaching and #strategy session focused on you. You will have the option to complete it between one session or two sessions. Each VIP day is customized based on your individual needs and here’s some of what we will work on together:
  1. Check-in with your values & purpose
  2. Clarify your vision for 2022
  3. Roadblock Clearing
  4. Goal setting
  5. Create an Action Plan

Apply to reserve your spot by scheduling a free consultation:

Now get going and get started in unleashing the power within to make 2022 an extraordinary year!

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